Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paradise Lost Book 2

Previously on Paradise lost: Satan and his court fallen from heaven gather themselves and recollect their fall, they hold their first debate in Pandemonium on what to do, where to go from this infinite state of collapse. One could almost see cosmological allusions to Milton's Hell being set at the center of a black hole. This is a way one could solve hells problem of having no gravity.

I started reading Book 2 of Paradise Lost in a park located near the coliseum; however, i soon had to move along when a crowd football supporting ruffians and boganic pagans issues from the temple of boof-head worship, forthwith they came like maggots from the entrails of a dead goat. It was clearly too dangerous to be reading such an epic poems while goons kicked banana shaped footballs everywhere, so i fled to the battlement of my home.

Book two presents Hell as a democracy. Satan and his fallen angels are given free speech and the vote. This contrast heaven where god sits on his ass and rules omnipotent over everything.
Moloch is the first to speak and he wants war even if war cannot be won he still wants to fight. Then Belial argues that they should just stay in hell and chill out because god may do worse to them.

'Thus Belial with word cloth'd in reasons garb,
Counsell'd ignoble ease, and peacefull sloth.'

Them Mammon( my favorite) adds to Belials idea and getting to the point of heaven.

'How wearisome Eternity so spent
In worship to whom we Hate.'

This would suck. Mammon's second idea is to make hell comfortable by creating a greatness in hell to match that of heavens. Then Beelzebub hits on an idea, why don't we go and fuck up gods newest creation Earth?. That would be a good way to get back at the old fool. Hells council like this idea and they vote in favor of it.
But who's going to go? Satan himself takes to the task.

My favorite part in book two has to be when Satan meets his daughter Sin, whom he gave birth to through masturbating her out of his head, amazing i know. Then he decides to sleep with her and create a son named Death. Its a sick sad world down in hell.
Sin holds the key to hells gates and guess what three headed animal lives in her loins? Cerberus. But how stupid can god get, giving up the keys to a crack whore who sleeps with her dad. Satan quickly persuades her to let him through, and anon he travels into the vast abyss in search of earth.

I am really enjoying this poem.

Paradise Lost: Book 1

I have started reading Milton's Paradise Lost on the tram to school. It pays to read aloud on trams, displaying your dramatic talent for poetic recital. How does it pay? people give up their seats nearest you so as to allow one the luxury of stretching ones leggs.
The first book introduces Satan and his army, his generalissimo Beelzebub and a whole band of other cool demons; theres Astarte one hot babe with crescent horns, plus all the archaic Egyptian gods, they've been booted out also: Isis, Osiris, Orus and that good old semitic cow Moloch. Their all there plus much more. Mammon has to be my favorite, he's always looking down into the ground and digging holes and pulling out strange metals. He's cool, a kind of primordial Boral steel.
So what happens in the first book? Satan has tried to do a junta on old god, Its all very political, but almighty and tyrannical god has won the battle and cast Satan and his cronies down into a newly built yon lake of fire. Satan wakes up with a hang over and begins his woeful soliloquy. They create a new castle and city called Pandemonium, and are just about to think about what to do next, how to take revenge on god, when the book ends. The suspense, even Milton new how to keep you hanging on for the next book.
I'm loving this work, you feel righteous and want to curse people. It would go well with a good flagellation. It is a more conceptual, psychological Hell compared to Dante's. Milton struck on the very modern idea of ambiguity, whereas Dante couldn't think outside the good and evil box, to which his text must suffer the eternal dread of being severely dated medieval.


'And when Night Darkens the Streets, then wonder forth the sons of Balial, flown with insolence and wine.'
Yeah thats what the city is like on a Saturday night.Drunken thugs wondering around meaninglessly starting fights and bashing people.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jean Rhys Wild Sargasso Sea

Anyone eager for a continuation of the Jane Eyre plot will be pleased by this 1966 novel by Jean Rhys. It takes one to the exotic location of Spanish Town Jamaica and follows the story of Antoinette, also known as Bertha the crazy hieena (in Jane Eyre). This is a good book, especially the ending, which is just as good as that other JE inspired work Rebbecca. The Gothic idea of the zombie is approached in the most intelligent way in the history of literature, the zombie is more a clever witch than your typical brainless corpse. The narrative is a split between Rochestor and Antoinette and works well at giving dual perspectives. Theres also a little passage narrated by Grace Pool at the end. So there are all these characters that readers of JE would be familiar with but theres a lot of difference in their portrayal.
Historically whats also at play in this book is colonial politics and race relations just after the emancipation in 1833. They get blended up in cultural mash.
Well worth a read if you are are a CB fan.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Anne Franks Dream: Part three

You are in the deep, the deep zone, a weird world of gloom and nothingness,'said David.
'Am to sit here forever,'
'No, even though you cant feel it your still falling, this ocean has no bottom,' and he then began reading the script
'survival in the dark zone is all about seeing and yet not being seen,'
a large zap exploded in the darkness and I saw another long grotesque ghostlike monster, it wiped past me, and then suddenly it was ripped apart by a gigantic red thing, snake like, but eyeless.
'Down in the deep,' continued David narrating, 'the horror is real, see Zenithon, an equal for any Leviathan, he first electrocutes his victim and then secretes an acid that allows for a mysterious metabolic transference to take place, one that science can only wonder at.'
Then the thing disappeared and it was dark again.
'Down here Zenithon is God, not me Frank. He's brings the light, and feeds the deep, all hail Zenithon,' said David.
David where am I going?'
'To meet your maker, he said, his voice weakening.
'And who's he?'
'It Maybe Bill Gates or maybe he's sold you off to some Arab who owns you now. To be honest Im not sure who's rostered on tonight, and it all depends on which channel your genetic future is being traded at, Lincaft, Halliburton or even Yawah's... and in some parts here the snails have control.'
his voice slowly drifted away into nothingness. And I was alone again, and an infinite despair filled my mind, and I began crying but my tears didn't dribble down my face. They shot up like rays of white light, rising, rising, and thought, 'rise rise, spark of joy, beautiful spark of divinity, daughter of Elsyium,' and then I heard a sound, the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, BADUMP BADUMP A DUMP A Duump, It was the beginning to Wagners flying Dutchman and I began to feel a warmth within me, the light growing from my tears was spreading. And as I was wondering why I didn't get the Ninth, I turned and saw the body of Nietzsche floating next to mine, his face was smiling, grinning into oblivion.
Good to see you Frank, don't see many people down here,' he said
'Were am I?,'I asked
'im still trying to figure that one out, but there has to be an exit down here somewhere.
Surely its eternity,' I said
'Eternity what? the sun invaded by the sea,' said a girls voice.
And I turned saw Anne Frank hovering in the darkness, her little nymph body flashing, flashing, going zap, zap like she was stuck in a bug trap. I reached out to touch her and felt my brain explode.


Anne Franks Dream: Part 2

And then the boat smashed open and the Jaws of death rose from the deep and clamped down around my stomach and I gagged and I gurgled on my own blood, and as the giant mechanical teeth of Jaws pressed down on me, and I thought about the Japanese submarine, and how I had just delivered the bomb, the Hiroshima bomb, but then the shark began to pull me down into the water. It felt cool and dark. It pulled me down into the deepness. I sunk like a stone. down, down, deeper still, and colder and darker, and darker until complete darkness, an infinite blackness, and a silence, and a stillness. I felt like a photograph, a daguerreotype. Long into the darkness I floated there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming thoughts no mortal had ever dared to dream before. Then a bright blue fuzz erupted and went zapp in the darkness like a nuclear warhead erupting, and I saw the face of god, the omnipotence, it was David Attenburough. Exposed,a white divine gandolphian visage. He flashed and disappeared. Then he began speaking in his humble yet sterile english accent,
' Frank, Frank you have drifted into the deep, a place without walls,' and as he spoke I saw a hideous transparent white monster that glowed and flashed and had array of stalactite teeth and globular spherical eyes.
'am I dead, or alive,'
'Neither,' he said
'What do you mean?'
'Your dreaming the dream Frank. There is no reality here, you are neither alive, dead, real or unreal, dreaming or not dreaming'


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anne Franks dream: Part 1

I never dream but bad things. Last night i dream't someone was trying to steal my shoes, and whats worse i woke up in the morning and they were gone. I went into the bathroom and took a leek, I looked down and i had no penis. Instead their was this head. A gremlin i suppose you could call it. it coughed out my pee all over the place. Then it turned around and began speaking to me,
'Hay frank do you feel okay cos you don't look okay.'
Thats when i checked my reflection and holy shit, my head wasn't even there. I had no head. Then i went and lay back down in bed, it was all too crazy. I turned in my bed and there was my wife but under the covers she was a giant praying mantis. She began to fuck me with a needle like clitoris and i screamed out
oh fuck me.
But she kept hammering away like it was the best sex she had ever had.
Thats when i woke up and saw a spider eating itself. I rolled over in my bed and the bed sheets were all red, and there was my wife all cut up and dead, her head was completely missing. Ohh my god what have i done. But then came a bang on the door, BANG BANG followed by
'open up nigger its the police'
'I'm not a nigger,' i said.
'well then open up white nigger, its the police'
I had no time to put my pants on for the door bust down and two large black men entered. It was Will Smith and another lesser known celebrity, they looked around my apartment with disgust as the place was a mess, a cess-pool, full trash and the smell of cat shit hovered in the air.
'Come to investigate a call in, a noise disturbance, neighbors heard screaming,' said Will
'Yeah, yeah, we come to investigate,' said the other one sniffing the air.
'My wife, i have killed her,' I confessed.
They looked at each other and laughed HA HAH HA
'You dont have a wife,' said Will.
And then the theme song began rolling BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS, WHAT YA GONA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?
And Will and his partner began moving towards me and their eyes looked mean.They were going to rape me, but then the walls burst into flames and riding on massive horses white men in cone shaped mask came bursting through the flames, going, 'Yee hah yeah hah. yee hah get up boys! and Will and his partner vanished.
And then i was on boat that was leaving an island. It felt good to be leaving the island, slowly the island grew smaller and smaller as the boat drifted out into the ocean. The boat was small and i was alone on it. Soon the island disappeared and i felt lonely, and the water began to swell, the waves growing and growing, knocking the boat around, then out of the brine i saw sharks, big long Grey sharks with the black dead eyes of death, but then i thought how can i dreaming? how? isn't the unconscious unconscious of death, isn't it infantile and unable to deal with death. Thats what Kristeva says in her seminal post modern essays on psychoanalysis? how can i be dreaming? Then a voice came from the sky, 'because your dead Frank.'
It was a familiar voice, it was my father, it was Heath Ledger.
"Frank you little cock sucker, i own you, your dreams are mine now, they belong to 'US said another voice and then Michael Jacksons mutilated face flashed in a sky of lightning.


The pleasure of eating Vegetables

Biological ethics & Human parasites

Once animal and man were linked by nature but throughout our development over history the bond has slipped from equality, to sacrifice, to consumption, and to eventually torture. Today the link has been completely severed. Animals now mean nothing, the are contained in zoos, slaughtered by their millions by an industry of death, and finally they have become the victims of our own rational science. We test them, we inject them and we punish them. Why? because of our refusal to believe that we are animals. But now we cant even claim the right of equality with animals. We have become biological parasites.
As our technology spreads and the global population soars, animals go extinct, and the ethics of killing animals humanely drops... and who looses? Everyone.
One of the keys to solving global warming lies in the consumption of beef. The amazon is slowly being destroyed because of a conceived need for meat. There is too much meat already. Eating vegetables is the perfect solution to the failure of 'biological ethics'. Not only are you saying NO to an industry which views an animal as a machine, a product, denying them status as animals, but in refusing to eat meat you will be helping prevent the apocalypse of human stupidity.